School has only been going a few minutes, and already I have a bunch of tabs open with apps running, trying to keep my classroom organized and efficient. Laurens Koppers, a teacher in the Netherlands, solved my multi tab problem with a useful, free resource His goal was to “use a free and simple tool with all my favorite digiboard widgets to help my students focus more on their work.” Laurens did just that. The program is free (donations accepted if you like it) and a go-to classroom resource.

You can customize your screen with a background picture from the preselected images, or select your own. There is even a live cam option, and no images are stored.

At the bottom of the screen a menu will appear with all the cool features you have available.

The above icon serves as a random generator. There are two basic functions. You can type in a list of student names and have the generator select a student. (Note, you can upload your student names from a text file). The second function is for dice. You select the number of dice you want to display (1,2, or 3) and watch the dice roll. You can click and drag this box wherever you would like it to appear on your classroom screen by dragging the corner.

This little icon brings up a great classroom feature!

Using the easy four step instructions, you can use a microphone to assess noise level. The teacher can determine the appropriate level, and students will know when they need to work more quietly. This is great for group work!

I use QR codes to quickly get links to students, and classroomscreen has one built right in. This saves the frustration o typing in a web address. All I have to do is copy the URL into the appropriate place, students scan the code, and they are independently off and running!

Laurens was really thinking when working on the drawing widget.

There are multiple drawing tools including musical staff, graph paper, X,Y coordinates, lined paper, blank screens, or the ability to write on an image you have uploaded.

A text box feature includes basic text features and is a great way to give students instructions, post reminders, or list steps in a process for all to see during class.

Want students to work silently? use quiet voices? work with a neighbor? work in groups? A click of a button will display your chosen method on your classboard.

The traffic light option has multiple options–it can be an indication of how much time is remaining, noise levels, or whatever you determine is appropriate for your classroom.

The countdown timer is pretty standard, but click and you can determine which of a variety of sounds you would like the timer to make as it reached 00:00. Need a traditional clock (analog or digital) or a calendar? Yes, those features are also available.

Just follow the instructions for a quick exit poll. Results can be displayed for the class to see. There are limited responses, but it is a quick way to gather information about how your students are feeling.

Yes–this is free! There are lots of options all pulled together in a very easy to use and effective site.

Go to and try it in your classroom!

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