Day In History: February 16-22

Ku Klux Klan, Missouri Compromise, Dust Storms, Iwo Jima, US Post Office, Malcolm X, Dolly the Lamb

February 16 Ku Klux Klan

Ten members of the Ku Klux Klan were arrested February 16, 1952.

National Geographic has a short approximately 2 min video giving a brief history of the Ku Klux Klan.

February 17 Missouri Compromise

February 17, 1819, the Missouri Compromise passed the House of Representatives.

If you are not familiar with Commonlit, it is worth exploring. Using the free account, you can search nonfiction passages for grades 3-12 , assign questions, and analyze performance on key skills. Search can be accomplished by grade, exile, topic, or common core standard. Common Lit presents two articles, “The Missouri Compromise” (listed at a 1320 lexile) and “Bloody Kansas” (with a labeled exile of 1130). Article can be translated to multiple languages or read aloud.

February 18 Dust Storms

Dust storms hit five states February 18, 1937.

There are four lesson plans associated with the film The Dust Bowl available from PBS. Clicking on the link will bring up all four, but I would like to draw your attention to Dust Bowl Blues: Analyzing the Songs of Woody Guthrie. Using the above link and scrolling to Dust Bowl Blues, you can be connected to the video segments to use with the lesson. Woody Guthrie is also called “Dust Bowl Troubadour” and in this lesson students explore his folk ballads for their message related to the Dust Bowl. A PDF of the entire lesson plan can be found here. This also includes a graphic organizer to use as students watch the video segments. During the lesson students are asked to compare the influence of political and social issues in Guthrie’s music as well as music today.

February 19 Iwo Jima

Us Marines invade Iwo Jima February 19, 1945.

Resources 4 Educators: The Portal to Texas History offers lessons, background information powerpoint, videos, and poster collections to help students understand Iwo Jima.

February 20 US Post Office

The Postal Service Act regulates the US Post Office Department February 20, 1792.

Download the free PDF resource available from the USPS which chronicles the history of the post office from 1775-2006.

Another resource your students might enjoy is a photo gallery of 4,000 pictures in people, vehicles, buildings, equipment, airmail, railroads.

February 21 Malcolm X

Malcolm X is assassinated February 21, 1965.

An engaging lesson from Stanford asks students to look at the philosophies and tactics of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. The essential question asks them to understand how their ideas converge. Using a provided quote handout, small groups of students try to determine the identity of the author of the quote.

February 22 Dolly the Lamb

Scientists announce the cloning of Dolly the lamb Feb. 22, 1997.

A good, quick and easy to navigate website featuring information about Dolly can be found from the National Museums Scotland. The website includes quick facts, general information on cleaning, and a slide show with images of Dolly and her family. It is a good source for a quick overview and to show images to your class.

Need additional resources?

These differentiated passages are available on each of the above topics. Clic to see the resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Reading Specialty.

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