Day In History: November 1-8 Free Resources

Free Resources for Stamp Act, Dewey Defeats Truman, Annie Oakley, Jane Goodall, Guy Fawkes, Apartheid, Marie Curie, the Louvre

Are you looking for free resources to accompany events which occurred today in history between November 1-8? Check out these free online resources. Develop cultural literacy with your students while exposing them to these topics!

November 1–The British Parliament imposed the Stamp Act on the colonists.t

The nonprofit Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History  is an archive of primary resources Parts of the actual Stamp Act document are included in the link.

PBS features an informative video divided into three parts on the Stamp Act. Check the links below:

Part One (3 min 51 seconds)

Part Two (3 min 15 seconds

Part Three (5 min 33 seconds)

November 2–“Dewey Defeats Truman” was an incorrect banner headline on the front page of the Chicago Daily Tribune.

A quick 3 min 45 second video gives students background information on the famous journalism blooper “Dewey Defeats Truman. Check out Living St. Louis/Dewey Defeats Truman.

November 3–Annie Oakley, famous sharpshooter dies. features a number of resources about Annie Oakley, under their American Experience category. The resources include a film about Annie Oakley lasting approximately 53 minutes. There is also an extensive timeline. There is also a well-written article In a Man’s World which explains what an international female star would have been experienced in a man’s dominated world. Biographies include a sketch of Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, and William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Sitting Bull, and Lillian Smith.

November 4–Jane Goodall is famous for her work observing chimpanzees. November 4, 1960, she witnessed them using tools. 

A National Geographic Video presents background information on the history of Jane Goodall. Downloadable files are available to supplement the Jane Goodall study. There are many activities including a handout on animal observation, Gombe chimpanzee biographies, completing field sketches, maps of Gombe National Park, and others.

November 5–Guy Fawkes and other Catholic conspirators planned to blow up the House of Parliament. The plan failed and the holiday is celebrated annually in the United Kingdom. 

An audio file introduces the story of the Gunpowder Plot. It can be downloaded.

November 6–The UN condemns apartheid.

A collection of photos Apartheid South Africa in the 1960s–Photos of the Black and White Years features a collection of captioned photos showing life during apartheid. These pictures will enhance any study of Apartheid.

November 7–Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie was born. features a short video discussing the accomplishments of Marie Curie.

November 8–The Louvre Museum in Paris was opened to the public. 

A virtual tour allows a 360 degree view of the museum. It is easy to navigate. Students explore the world’s largest art museum, located in France using the easy guide.

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Stamp Act

Dewey Defeats Truman

Annie Oakley

Jane Goodall

Guy Fawkes


Marie Curie

The Louvre