Famous Duos–A Four Day Mini-Research Project and Activity for Your Classroom

This project began as famous couples (in honor of Valentine’s Day). It quickly morphed to famous duos and it is appropriate for any day of the year. The list of duos includes people in history, fictional characters, and pairs in pop culture.

Each student selects one of the pairs:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Simon and Garfunkel

Abbott and Costello

Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos

Juan and Eva Peron

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

Winston Churchill and Clementine

Pocahontas and John Smith

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

John and Jackie Kennedy

Romeo and Juliet

Bonnie and Clyde

Tarzan and Jane

Barbie and Ken

Barack and Michelle Obama

Pierre and Marie Curie

Antony and Cleopatra

Napoleon and Josephine

Lancelot and Guinevere

Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

George and Martha Washington

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

Louis XVI and Marie Antionette

Aladdin and Jasmine

Kermit and Miss Piggy

Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King

Paris and Helen of Troy

Odysseus and Penelope

Holmes and Watson

After their pair is selected, they research WHY this duo is famous and some interesting facts about the duo.

Prepare a SHORT (two minute) presentation on their duo. The presentation must include information about what the duo is most famous for and relevant background information. My preference is for the students to create a powerpoint slide(s) featuring their assigned people.

Students also prepare a 3 x 5 card (or similarly sized paper) with the name of their duo and the most important information about why this duo is famous. This will be used for the game on Day Four.

Students present their duo. To encourage active listening, I allow students to take notes on the presentations they hear. They may use their notes as they play the game on Day Four.

I allow students to use their notes from Day 3 as they complete this activity. Make copies of this chart for the 5 in a row game.

Students write one duo in each box. (Use only the duos your students researched and students write one in each box in a random order). Use the index cards your students prepared as part of their presentation and read the clue aloud to the class. If students have that duo on their card, they circle the name of the duo. Continue until someone has circled all the pairs on their card. If you have time to play a second time, have students place an X over the duo the second time you play.

Looking for other research ideas for your class?

Check out this resource from TPT. Click here to be redirected to this resource on TPT.


Are you looking for an opportunity for each of your students to complete their own project? This resource walks students through selecting a topic, narrowing a topic, vetting resources, selecting a product for their work, taking notes, developing a works cited page and a final evaluation. Students will be motivated as they work on something they are really interested in and want to do. The template will simplify the job of the teacher.

Use this resource and let your student pursue something they are really interested in and present what they learned in a way that works for them. You may see oral presentations, songs, podcasts, multi-media presentations, scripts, comics, or many other ways your students will have selected to show their learning.

The file will include both a fillable PDF so your students can go through the steps on a device or a grayscale copy which can be distributed.

All student pages are included in the preview. The actual download has extra copies of the notes and works cited pages so students have room for additional research.

Please take a look at the preview before purchasing and determine if this is a good match for your students before purchasing.

Note: This is a fillable PDF and students can write on the PDF however the actual structure of the PDF is NOT editable.