Free for Educators–Crayola Creativity Week

I stumbled upon this opportunity and wanted to share with you. This looks like a fun series of events from Crayola!

What is it?

According to their website, the purpose of Crayola Creativity Week is “to celebrate children’s creativity and the joy it brings to teaching and learning any subject.” Participation is free, and this link will take you to the signup.

When is it?

January 23 through January 29.

What can you expect?

Crayola published the following calendar:

“Monday, January 23-“Endless Possibilities” with NASA astronauts”Monday, January 23–“Endless Possibilities” with NASA astronauts

“Tuesday, January 24-“Building Building Dreams and Community” with a Broadway Star” Tuesday, January 24–“Building Building Dreams and Community” with a Broadway Star

“Wednesday, January 25-“Dancing with Traditions” with a professional dancer” Wednesday, January 25–“Dancing with Traditions” with a professional dancer

Thursday, January 26–“Language and Laughter” with a comedian.

“Friday, January 27-“Keys to Kindness” with a child actor.”Friday, January 27–“Keys to Kindness” with a child actor.

“Saturday, January 28-“Self-Confidence and Student Voice” with a Hip Hop star.”Saturday, January 28–“Self-Confidence and Student Voice” with a Hip Hop star.

“Sunday, January 29-“Weathering Emotions” with a meteorologist.”Sunday, January 29–“Weathering Emotions” with a meteorologist.

Standards Aligned

The activities in the 2023 Creativity Week are aligned to the standards in Arts, Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking & listening, language), and Social Emotional Learning Standards. Click here to be redirected to the specific standards in each of these areas. Standards alignment is provided for the US, Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan,

What opportunities are available?

Printables (including thinking sheets and posters), videos, giveaways, a live-streamed virtual assembly, and much more–all for free! Take a look and see if this resource would be helpful in your class.