Looking for an alternative class game to increase engagement and track class data? This resource was created and maintained by a high school student from Seattle. Teachers create “kits” and students use their own devices to answer questions, earning game money for correct answers or losing money for incorrect answers. Students can spend their money within the game for upgrades and powerups. There is a free version or two different paid plans.

For the free version you can access all the core features available on the other versions. It allows you to create 5 kits and have one edit per kit. Gitmit pro currently costs $4.00 per month ($59.88 billed annually) and includes unlimited kits, unlimited edits, game statistics, unlimited classes, search and copy Kits, and Imports from Quizlet. Gimlet Go is $7.99 per month and includes all features in the Pro package and allows you to cancel at anytime. It is paid monthly.

Following a quick and easy sign in procedure, you will be directed to this screen.

Typing keywords in the search bar may bring up already created Kits which allow instant play. Teachers can review the questions and if they meet your classroom needs, give students the code for instant play.

Clicking on the tab for class allows teachers to develop a roster very quickly. Simply select a color, give the class a name, and type in the names of the students. (Last names not needed). I like the teacher directed roster, it avoided the issue of students selecting odd names which happens with some of the other similar online resources.

Once your class is created, it is time to create a Kit. Any of the three options are available from the free version.

After selecting a GIF, select the blue button on the bottom right of the screen and add your question. Images may be added. The first answer must be the correct one when entering a multiple choice question. Text input questions are also allowed.

When completed, hit the blue button in the corner. After the kit is created and appears on your dash, you can select the kit and play, edit, or preview as needed.(Note: You will need to be logged into your quizlet account to access the export button).

If you select the second option from Create Kit, you can search 200 million sets to convert Quizlet flashcards into a Kit. With Gimkit Pro or Go subscriber, you can edit, review, or add questions.

The CSV option allows you to convert any CSV file into a Kit. After importing, you will need to go back and type in the foil answers.

Game time!

Hitting the preview button allows you to see the same screen as your students. Students enter a 4 digit code and let the games begin!

Using the easily designed board, teachers may make adjustments to play the game in the best manner for their classroom. Drop down menus and toggle switches make this an easy task!

Another option is SEASONS. Teachers can select to have their students compete in individual games with a leaderboard or against their classmates throughout multiple games to see who has the most cash at the end of several games. A third option is to compete against other classes.

A really fun option, great for review is KitCollab. Students join a game but they submit the questions to be added. The teacher has control over which questions become a part of the game. Students love playing games with Kits they created!

Still another option is to assign a Kit for homework. The teacher selects a time and date when the assignment is due and the classes to which it is assigned. They can select an amount of “cash” that must be earned for the student to have successfully completed the assignment.

Gimkit is a well-thought out alternative to games for the classroom. Give it a try and find out .

Visit Gimkit here!