Historic Easter Egg Roll Goes Virtual

Since the time of President James Madison, the US Presidents have joined the Easter festivities with an egg roll. The festivities were cancelled in 2020 due to COVID, and the 2021 event was destined to the same fate. Fortunately, a spokesman for First Lady Jill Biden announced alternative plans.

As part of the Easter Egg Roll for 2021, there will be a 350-degree virtual scavenger hunt inside the White House. Trivia and fun facts will be featured. To participate virtually, click this link to the White House Historical Association website. As visitors explore the Executive Mansion, clicking on pink dots will appear with fun facts. As students complete the scavenger hunt, a worksheet “White House 360 Tour: Easter Egg Roll Edition” will guide your students. As an added bonus, there is a raffle to win one of five prizes for completed worksheets. Your students will enjoy the fun of the hunt while learning important facts!

So what happens to all the commemorative Easter eggs? The site House will be sending them to vaccination sites and hospitals. This year the eggs feature the Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ. There is also a version with a bunny wearing a mask.

If you are searching for more resources for your class about the History of the White House Easter Egg Roll, Reading Specialty has two resources which might interest you. The first contains a passage written at three differentiated levels (reading grade levels, 9+, 7-8, and 6). Following each passage there is a main idea, vocabulary, organizational pattern, inference, and summarizing question. Click here to be redirected to this resource on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The second option from Reading Specialty is designed for online learning. These Boom™ Cards are interactive and fun for your students. Note: The passage is very similar to the third passage from above. It is NOT recommended you purchase both resources.

Click here to be directed to this resource on Teachers Pay Teachers. The resource may be found on Boom™ Learning by clicking here.

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