Independent Reading Resource: Review of Children’s Storybook Online

Another site recommended by a student was Children’s Storybook Online.

As you enter this site you will find books for young children, older children, and young adults. An audio button¬†indicates an audio file is available to read the selection. A new feature at the top of the page provides quizzes. There are very few books currently included in this feature, but what a nice addition as titles are added! ¬†There is also an interactive lesson “What Makes A Fairytale” that is informative and engaging.

Another nice feature can be found at their “sister site” on phonics. You may click on the button from their website or visit it by clicking here. There you will find a decent list of outside sites with phonics practice, but I really appreciated the second column of links for parents/teachers. There were article explaining the difference between phonics and whole word, resources for practice, and some reading research information.

Need a resource for kids to respond to independent reading prompts? Check out the independent reading task cards available from Tpt. Click on the cover to view.