Looking at Preschool Learners with Boom Cards

My grandson was approaching “tablet age” about the time I took an interest in Boom™ Cards. I’ve enjoyed making some Boom cards for this 2 1/2 year old boy. You might enjoy it also, and personalized decks are fun to create using this program. (Consider yourself warned–it is a bit of a rabbit hole and rather addicting). By using the sound icon, all directions and questions can be heard and if you are using pictures for answers the cards will require no reading!!! It is fun to watch him explore new games and creating them has become a fulfilling activity.

So what is a Boom card?

A Boom card is an interactive task card with a game-like feel. Students can use these on any device. To use Boom Cards, you must be connected to the Internet. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). Apps are available for Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. If you are playing with preschool students you can use the “Fast Pin” option where children can play without opening an account and it is entirely free. Creating decks or maintaining a library requires a free account. These would be for your use only or if you are a teacher you can keep data on the correct responses of your students. To sell decks requires a paid account.

Personalize it

My first deck contained pictures of family members. I recorded the name and the toddler’s job was to find the correct picture. As a 2 1/2 year old, he was quickly able to correctly answer and figure out which picture was Mommy, Daddy, Nanny, Grandpa, and other family members. (Of course that includes the dogs). On one of my next decks I used cars and trucks. The recording asked him to find pictures such as “Nanny’s truck.” This was still an easy task, even for a 2 1/2 year old. At the beginning it took prodding to remember to touch the speaker icon each card, but soon it was routine.

Suggestions for Very Young Learners

There are many different ways Boom cards can be used. I recommend using one method repeatedly for young learners. Asking a toddler to figure out different activities to do on different screens as well as work with the content may take the fun out of it–and it needs to be fun! Using just one direction in a set of cards will also make it much more likely they will be able to complete the task independently–and everyone knows toddlers like to do it by themselves!!

Stop as soon as their attention wanders. Only three cards into the deck–oh well, tomorrow they may want to do 30 cards. Keep it a fun activity. Talk and develop vocabulary as they play. . Using color and sound helps keep attention, yet there may be times when this is just not the activity of choice. Stop BEFORE they are tired of it or frustrated. Keep them wanting more!

No time to create your own decks?–Try some of these. They are 100% NO READING REQUIRED. They are also inexpensive!

Identify Animals

This set of Boom cards asks very young learners to listen to the names of animals and identify the correct animal from four given choices. The following animals are used in these cards: sheep, cow, pig, rooster, chicks, horse, goat donkey, turkey, duck, giraffe, monkey lion, penguin, elephant, alligator, hippo, turtle, bear, walrus, dog, goldfish, cat, parrot, hamster, rabbit, snake. Again–no reading just listen for the word and identify the animal.

Animal Sounds

This set of task cards asks young learners to listen to the sounds made by animals and identify the correct animal from four given choices. Pictures are actual photos of the animals. 

The following animals are used in these cards: elephant, cat, rooster, bear, pig, dolphin, lion, horse, monkey, chick, owl, duck, parrot, donkey, dog, frog, wolf, sheep, and cow.

No reading necessary! Animal Sounds has been created with the youngest learners in mind.

Trucks, Big Rigs and More

Capitalize on the interest in machinery, trucks, cars and things that zoom! This set of task cards asks young learners to click and hear the name of a truck, car, or big rig then find the photo of that vehicle. 

The following are used in these cards: forklift, pick-up, ambulance, tractor, cement mixer, 18-wheeler, cherry picker, police car, mail truck, firetruck, school bus, double decker city bus, crane, trash truck, combine, music truck, limousine, dump truck, tow truck, tank

Once again, no reading necessary! Trucks, Big Rigs and More has been created with the youngest learners in mind.These interactive digital Boom™ cards are self-correcting and designed for very young learners. No reading required!

To see any of these decks (or my word family decks), go to my Boom™ store here.

Each of these decks has a preview available at the link on my Boom™ store so you can try the cards for yourself.

Decks are also available from TPT. Click on the list of titles below the cover to be redirected to the TPT site.

Whether you decide to make your own or purchase ready-made decks, your youngest learners can be one of the big kids as they develop their own skills while having fun. Being able to use these cards on a variety of tablets, phones and devices adds flexibility.