Older Students or Adult Students

Looking for real life reading skills which will be engaging for your older learners? CDLP (California Distance Learning Project) online has just the answer. When you first log into the program  there are a series of pictures representing the various categories:  working, law and government, family, school, health and safety, housing, money, science and technology, services, going places, and nature. The site uses these areas to improve basic reading skills in high interest areas


Click on one of the pictures at the top to start your journey.

After selecting a picture or a topic from the top of the webpage, a list of stories/articles  will appear. Students select a story by clicking the name from the list.

Students may read the story or click on listen and have the story read to them. Some stories will have an icon indicating a video is also available. Note;  Some of the stories are dated. Students should check for current information if using them for research.

The Spell A Word asks students to click on a word and hear it spoken. Then they type the word and click enter. If they spell the correctly the first time they receive 2 points. If the word is spelled incorrectly they can have another chance for 1 point.

The Matching Game is a game where students click on two boxes and try to match a word with a definition. If the two selections match, a point is scored. If the two word do not match, they are hidden again. Players try to remember which words and definitions are hidden at each location so they can select the correct box to create matches.

Pick an Answer and What Did You Learn asks comprehension questions about the story. If students answer correctly on their first try, they score two points. Answering correctly on their second try.  Write an Answer asks an open ended question and requires a written activity.

When students are finished they click “SAVE MY ANSWER” and their answer will be emailed to their teacher with their scores.

A good addition is the Learn More At Other Websites feature. It links to other sources of information about the topic available on some stories.

One feature I really appreciate is the Activities/Score option after students have finished their work. From this screen the students can click on the name of any activity and they will be redirected there. They can repeat the activity and their new score will be saved. After students have completed their work, they can print or email their scores to their teacher or to their own email address.

I’ve used this program when I have students who are absent or in ISS and there is no way to send the class activity to them. This gives them something worthwhile and substantial to do.

Why do I like it?

  • relevant topics for older students
  • works on fundamental skills with support
  • variety of activities keeps students engaged
  • comprehensive teacher report can be emailed to instructor by student
  • gives students the possibility to redo an activity if they feel they can do better
  • text size is adaptable
  • students can complete at home–great for students who are absent
  • supplemental and background resources