Overview of Review Game Zone

Use educational online gaming to supplement your classroom instruction and provide assessment data. Review Game Zone is personalized to meet the needs of your classroom. The teacher inputs the questions, indicates the answer and presto an educational interactive game is automatically created. Create a free account at reviewgamezone.com and try one of these games.

With one set of questions, students can play one of these games:

Heroic Ant GameI

A correct answer allows the student to send an ant on a leaf sling to launch the insect as far as possible. Students enjoy controlling the angle and power of the launch each time they correctly respond to a question.Obstacles slow down the ant and other elements launch him forward.

Flappy Birds

Help the bird fly as far as possible through obstacles. After correctly answering a question, control the altitude of the bird by clicking and keeping the paper bird n the clear sky.

Wild Wild Taxi

In this game, the goal is to reach the destination before the time runs out. Using the arrows on the keyboard, Watch out for other cars! Want to race again?  Answer another question correctly!

Tricky Cups

In this electronic version of the coin under the cup game, students first answer the teacher created question. A correct answer quickly earns them an opportunity to play the cup game. Watching as the cups are shuffled, they are asked to identify the location of the coins. The game is quick and students are right back to the teacher generated questions, giving lots of opportunity for practice. Note:  this is one of the games that has to be unlocked by playing 5 games before access is allowed. Tower Blocks

This one is seriously addictive!  After answering the question correctly, a crane appears swinging a block back and forth. The player’s job is to release the block by clicking the mouse when the block is above the base. If successful, the players scores 100 points and a new block appears. The object is to build the skyscraper as high as possible. You have three chances and when they are gone, the game is over.

Jumping Tiles

This is a race against the clock to move the explorer toward the treasure by clicking the highlighted tiles. Upon completion of the round you will see your time and can compete against yourself the next time you correctly answer a question.


Staries resembles many other games available for portable electronic devices. The player starts with a grid of 6X6 and tries to drag a row or column so three stars of the same color are adjacent and disappear. After a short period of time another question will appear and a correct response will allow the play to resume.

Ghost Man

This is the Review Game Zone version of Pac-man. Using the arrow keys, the player moves Ghost Man through the maze while he gobbles food. Ghost Man is being chased by–you guessed it, a ghost!  When Ghost Man nibbles a large red food source, he has the ability to swallow a ghost. Keep answering questions and as the game continues the mazes become more complicated. There will also be more ghosts.

Alien Intruders

This Space Invaders Game sends aliens to invade and the player navigates using the arrow keys to control the spaceship and uses the spacebar to shoot at the invaders. Of course they start coming faster and faster! The game is lost if the aliens touch the bottom of the screen or you lose your three lives. Answer questions correctly and keep playing!

Word Grid

This fun game features a grid of letters. The player attempts to form words within the grid using adjacent letters (next to, above, below, or diagonal). Clicking the last letter on the newly formed word submits from under the grid display to the word list. Then you can form a new word. Letters may be re-used. Of course the longer the word, the higher the points. Watch the timer–when it runs out you will need to answer a new question to continue play.

Leaping Frogs

Hitting the spacebar or clicking the mouse propels the little frog from one leaf to another. Use the arrows to help determine when to jump and try to get him across the pond. Sometimes speed up or slow down items will appear on the leaf and increase or decrease the  spinning. Need another try?  Answer another question correctly.

Free Kick Soccer

After correctly identifying the answer to the teacher question, use the mouse to adjust your shot. Try to outsmart the goal-keeper and score a free kick.

Bouncing Balls

This game has many of the characteristics of similar highly addictive games available for electronic devices. Try to get three balls of the same color so they will disappear–and others attached to the eliminated group of three will also disappear. Hurry because if the ball reaches the bottom, the game is over. Super fun!

But Wait–There’s More

In addition to the games listed above, there are additional games which can be unlocked by students after they play a specified number of the above games.

Have a student that is not a game player?

This website has options for the student that does not enjoy arcade style games (if you can find such a student). The flashcards selection features traditional flashcards while the question quiz gives the student multiple choice questions without the game.

The Best Part for Teachers

Significant data is available for teachers. It can let the educator know how many students answered each question correctly as well as which students missed a question. This is great for tracking individual progress or for formative assessment when trying to determine what you need to reteach or clarify. As part of the terms of service you need to agree to in order to use this feature, you must indicate your students are 13 or above to collect their data. (Note:  students must click the Track My Data icon and enter their names and the teacher code for data to be collected).

The Premium Version

All of the above features (yes–including the data collection) may be used for free. There is a premium version available with these advantages:

  • no advertising
  • faster loading
  • instant access to locked games

The premium version is reasonable–at the time of this blog post it was $39.99 for a the entire year for a whole class.

Save your valuable time

Search the Review Game Zone library and see if another educator has already constructed a quiz on the content you are trying to assess.  Save yourself time! https://reviewgamezone.com/subjects.php

The bottom line

Visit reviewgamezone.com and try it for yourself. I see the major advantages to be:

  • type the question in once and it is available for MANY GAMES
  • the teacher library has an extensive collection of already prepared games
  • students are competing against themselves, not other students
  • data collection is simple and extremely valuable
  • students cannot play without correctly answering a question

Possible disadvantages

  • teachers must enter a minimum of 10 questions and a maximum of 20 questions per game
  • if you enter more than 10 questions, the questions which appear to students are randomly generated
  • some of the games seem to have more play time than I would like between academic questions

The verdict–try it

Looking for questions for the above game?

This resource from my TPT store gives you a passage for each school day in September with comprehension questions that could be added to the above games. Each passage is written at 3 different grade levels (Passage 1, grade 9-10; Passage 2, grade 8; Passage 3, grade 6-7). Following each passage there is a question in each of these categories:

  • main idea
  • vocabulary
  • organizational pattern
  • summary
  • inference

Develop background information as your students read informative nonfiction passages based on something that happened each day of the month in history. The following passages are available for September.

September 1, Titanic
September 2, V-J Day
September 3 Frederick Douglas
September 4, Little Rock Desegregation
September 5, Voyager I
September 6, Princess Diana
September 7, Panama Canal Treaty
September 8, Ford Pardons Nixon
September 10, History or Rickshaw
September 11, 9-11
September 12, Lascaux Caves
September 13, Walter Reed
September 14, Star Spangled Banner
September 15, Sandra Day O’Connor
September 17, Mount Rushmore
September 18, Brief History of the US Capitol
September 19, First Hot Air Balloon Ride
September 20, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
September 21, Stonehenge
September 22, Dead Sea Scrolls
September 24, Supreme Court
September 25, Benedict Arnold
September 26, Federal Trade Commission
September 27, Henry Ford
September 28, Confucius
September 29, John D. Rockefeller

Check out my TPT store for a bundle for each month or purchase individual titles.