Pear Deck Promotes Engaged Classroom

Looking for a way to build engaging and informative assessments into your lessons? Add Pear Deck you your presentations!


  • Works with google slides
  • Templates for bell ringers and exit slips
  • Custom questions including text, number responses, multiple choice, drawing* and draggable* responses  * available on Pear Deck Premium
  • Student answers can be displayed with anonymity
  • Teacher dashboard shows student responses

Features on Free Version

  • template library
  • create or import slides (up to 50 imports) Yes,you can import from powerpoint!
  • project student responses
  • vocabulary and flashcard factory
  • introductory and advanced webinars available

Upgraded Version ($149. per year at time of blog post)

  • teacher dashboard
  • highlight chosen student responses
  • student paced version
  • post-session takeaways
  • draggable and drawing features
  • integrates into Google Classroom

Getting Started

Create a slide show. Use the Google slide add-on to make your slides interactive. 

  • thumbs up/thumbs down
  • agree/disagree
  • free draw
  • grid (graph paper)
  • free response
  • yes/no, multiple choice, true/false

Students log on with the access code given by the teacher and without signing up or answering a bunch of questions–they are in!

Potential disadvantages

  • requires 1-1 devices
  • needs easy searchable database sharing so teachers can access created files beyond the templates
  • google account required


  • great notes/study guides for your students if you have premium version
  • students who join the session can get their own notes directly in their google drive where they can see their answers
  • teacher can leave feedback
  • a blank response copy is available to give to a student who missed the presentation

Data and Instant Grading

  • Go to and join as a student to create an answer key
  • Following a student session, name the session and export it to a spreadsheet
  • If you don’t already have it, download Flubaroo from the App Store
  • Install and run the program, based on the answer key you previously created
  • Use the Share Grade feature of Flubaroo to give student feedback

Flashcard Factory

  • create a vocabulary list
  • use the provided definitions from Merriam Webster or create your own
  • students create pictures and sentences
  • best examples are selected (quality control)
  • export best choices to Quizlet

And the winner is…the students!

Because of the highly interactive and engaging formative assessment and the power of quick teacher data, students are the real winners with Pear Deck!