Photos for Class

Are your students doing projects and looking for photos? Concerned they may accidentally stumble upon images that are not appropriate? Do you want your students to understand how to accurately cite the images they use? Those are common requests from teachers, and your voice has been heard at “PHOTOS FOR CLASS.” 


The website indicates they believe in freedom of speech an open internet, but a lot of content is not appropriate for school. Their filtering system works as follows:

  • They use the pre-filtering of Flickr and Pixabay in the “globally safe for all ages”
  • They ban search terms which could lead to inappropriate content
  • If images are reported they are investigated and possibly removed


Images downloaded include the name of the author, name of the photo, a link to the original, and the appropriate license to use it complete with a link to read the license. Their website indicates they use photos requiring attribution, for non-commercial use, with no known restrictions or US Government Work.

Easy Ways to Incorporate

Teachers looking for ways to add this resource to their pages will find quick logo links which they can add and hyperlink so their students can quickly go to Photos For Class.

Another alternative is to copy the code directly from the website and add a search bar to your class website.

If your school uses Edmodo, Photos for Class is an App available from the Edmodo Store.

A quick search of the keyword SNOW revealed hundreds of results such as these:

Under each photo there are three options. Download provides the image. View on _______ takes you to the picture on the original website (in this case PIXABAY). The third option generates a REPORT PHOTO for users to recommend a photo be evaluated for removal.

Check it out. Photos For Class provides great access for educational purposes. Click here to be redirected to the site.