Looking for an alternative review activity your students will enjoy and that will give you instant formative data? Check out Plickers! This game is an alternative to the traditional “clickers”–with the advantages without the expense! This free tool is easy to use after the initial set up.

There is no need for individual devices for students. You will need a computer for the instructor and the ability to project the questions from that device. In addition you need an IOS or Android phone. Download the free app.

Setting up a class is very simple. Student names can be entered from the website or a spreadsheet can be uploaded.

Now print the QR codes for your class. They can be printed two to a page or utilizing a full page. This is the free option–if you want to purchase on Amazon, that is also available from the website. Laminating the cards, fastening to tagboard, or inserting in protective covers will help preserve the sheets. Each student will resuse their own QR code each session to allow for accurate data collection. Up to 63 students can be added to a class and each teacher can manage multiple classes.

Sample QR code

Now create questions (multiple choice or true-false) which will become part of your library. Questions can be assigned to one or multiple classes. Images can be included (or gifs). There is also an option for survey questions which do not contain a right or wrong answer. Keyboard shortcuts listed on their website are listed here:

  • New Question: [Enter]
  • Cut Question: [Ctrl] [X]
  • Copy Question: [Ctrl] [C] 
  • Paste Question: [Ctrl] [V]
  • Duplicate Question: [Ctrl] [D] 
  • Delete Question: [Delete] 
  • Go To Previous Question: [Arrow Up]
  • Go To Next Question: [Arrow Down]
  • Go To First Question: [Shift] [Arrow Up]
  • Go To Last Question: [Shift] [Arrow Down]
  • Move Up: [Ctrl] [Arrow Up]
  • Move Down: [Ctrl] [Arrow Down]
  • Move to Beginning: [Ctrl] [Shift] [Arrow Up]
  • Move to End: [Ctrl] [Shift] [Arrow Down]

Let the fun begin! You are ready for LIVE VIEW! Questions are displayed and students orient their QR code to show their answer to the question. The teacher stands in the front of the room and scans the classroom using their phone and voila! Magically, data appears–complete with a graph! Archive results to analyze individual students or class at your convenience or take a quick peek to get a general overview of how the class is doing on a concept/standard. No papers to grade, little prep, this is a winner!