Problem-Attic: Review of a Free Teacher Tool and Question Bank

What is it?

Problem-Attic is a database of more than 200,000 questions free for teachers to select, arrange, format, and print. Search the question bank, scroll for your target question, click and add to your document.

Where do the questions come from?

Questions come from state assessments (more than 25 states), New York Regents Exam, Academic Competitions (UNC Charlotte HS Math, North Carolina State High School Math, W Carolina University HS Math, NC Science Olympiad), and National Assessments. Additional resources are available for subscription members–but there is an extensive list for free.

What do I do?

Name your document. Format it according to your liking (columns, answer key, headers, fonts, types of questions, all these are free features. Select the question bank from the choices in the image above. Click the +ADD button to add the questions you desire to be a part of your lesson. When you have selected all your questions, click Make PDF. From there you can download the PDF or share with your students a link to the document.

What do I use this for?

This is not only useful for assessments, but also exit tickets, task cards, flash cards, games, problems of the day, and online instruction. Documents can be shared with other teachers. You can also create your own problems and upload JPEGs as needed.

All this is free, but what if I want more features?

Check out their website for a complete list of extended features. They include ACT/SAT questions, questions in Spanish, technology extensions including real-time scoring, QR codes, sharing through Google Classroom, Schoology, Blackboard, Moodle, etc.

Check it out.

Click here and try out problem-attic. This is a great resource and excellent time-saver.

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