Quizizz allows teachers to present, review, and assess students at all grade levels in a self-paced online environment. It contains a library of teacher created public quizzes or teachers can create their own. Students enjoy and stay engaged while using Quizizz.
To create a quiz, teachers select create a quiz, enter a name, language, an image if desired, and may click to align the quiz to state standards.

Teacher Set Up

Next the teacher can select to search from existing questions or create their own questions. If you select from a bank of hundreds of already created questions, a preview is available. If you decide to create your own, this screen will appear where you type your question, include an image if desired, input up to four choices, indicate one or more correct answers, and correlate to the standards if desired. A dropdown menu allows the teacher to select an amount of time for students to answer the question (between 5 seconds and 15 minutes).

Clicking the + allows additional questions. To add multiple correct answers, move the drop down from single to multi-select and indicate the answers you will accept as correct. If you have entered all the questions you want, click the finish editing quiz. You will be asked to select a grade range and subject to save. The teacher can then choose to play the game live, assign for homework, print, or share the creation. If the teacher decides to play live, there are four options to turn on or off:

  1. Shuffle the order of the questions
  2. Shuffle the order of the answers
  3. Show the answers after the question.
  4. Show all the questions at the end of the game.

Clicking the proceed button will give the teacher a six digit code. Using any device a student may go to join.quizizz.com and enter the game code or share via Google Classroom, Remind, or Edmodo. Teachers will see the names of the participants and when everyone is signed in, click start. Following a countdown, questions will appear.

The homework version allows the teacher to state a date and time when students must complete their quizizz assignment. Students may start and stop their assignment and complete it at a later time. They may complete the assignment multiple times and their results will be shown with an * added each time they play. For example if Amy completes the quiz three times it will appear on the teacher reports as Amy, Amy*, and Amy **.

After the game, results will appear for the teacher which can be loaded to excel. There is even an option to email results to parents. It is possible to rename the report by clicking on the pencil icon on the “My Reports” page. Results may be downloaded to excel or printed.


Fun and engaging.

Easy to use.

Questions appear directly on student device.

Option to show the leaderboard or disconnect that feature.

Homework and live options.

Results by class or pupil and an option to send results to parents.


Only multiple choice questions available.