Review of Socrative

This highly engaging tool allows you to improve instruction and student learning while assessing students with real-time results. The free version allows you one account with 50 students. (A pro version is available for up to 10 classrooms and 150 kids).

To begin, click the launch and then quiz icons. You can navigate to the Socrative Shared Quiz List.

When you find a quiz you want to use, import it into your room and let the fun begin!

Determine which quiz you want to use then how you want the quiz administered. Instant Feedback gives immediate correct/incorrect message and if it is available will give an explanation after each question. Students cannot change their answers and must answer questions in order.

Open Navigation allows students to self-pace, edit their answers, and skip questions. This mode is also available for live results.

Teacher Paced sends one question at a time and allows real-time results as they occur.

When you click start the students see the first question and you see the live result.

When the quiz is completed, you may download a report which can be e-mailed to you, downloaded to Google Drive, exported in excel, a PDF of an individual student or a question-specific PDF.

To create your own quiz, click on quizzes, add quiz, and create new. Name your quiz then select the question type (multiple choice, true/false, or short answer.  Type in the question and the answer if you want it to be graded. Note if you provide an answer for a short answer question, students will have to type it EXACTLY as you entered it to receive credit for a correct question. After creating a Socrative quiz you can print a hard copy or save to your computer.

A fun feature is Space Race. Any quiz with graded questions may be played in this mode. It may be played individually or in teams. Students answer questions and their rockets move across the projected classroom screen to illustrate their progress.

Standard reports are available from the game mode.

Another useful feature is EXIT Tickets. From the launch screen click exit tickets and three pre-made options appear:

  • How well did you understand today’s material?
  • What did you learn in today’s class?
  • Please answer the teachers question.

Live results are updated on your teacher screen and eligible for printing or download.

The last feature is Quick Questions. The teacher clicks on launch and then the appropriate button for multiple-choice, true false or short answer questions. Students join by logging into your room name and they will see the appropriate answer choices on their screen. As their answers are submitted live results are updated on your screen. A handy feature is the ability to start a new quick question directly from the light results.Just click on one of the question types at the bottom of the screen and you can ask another question. These quick questions are great for checking student understanding.

To summarize, this is an engaging instant response tool which is a valuable addition to the teacher tool box.  One limitation is the lack of ability to upload audio or video clips into quizzes,

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