Summer Challenge for Kids

Everyone looks forward to summer, yet it seems like boredom can quickly set in. Here is a list of activities/challenges for your students or for parents to share with their kids. Set a goal and see how many can be accomplished!


Tap into your creative side.

*Write a poem.

*Compose a song. Write the melody or lyrics.

*Express yourself through dance.

*Write and illustrate a children’s story. Give it to someone you know.

*Draw, paint or sculpt.


*Visit the library. Many libraries have summer programs with special events.

*Try a graphic novel, book of poetry, nonfiction, how-to book, or start a new series.

*Read to a younger child or read and discuss your reading with a friend. Find a book you like? Write a recommendation on GoodReads or send an e-mail to a previous teacher recommending the book.


*Try fixing or helping to fix dinner for your family.

*Prepare a healthy snack. There are lots of websites with suggestions.

Click here for Ideas for Healthy Snacks

*Make ice cream. No ice cream machine? No problem.

Click here for 4 Ways to Make Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Machine.


*Teach yourself a new game. There are many ways to play Solitare.

Click here for rules for 6 popular ways to play this classic card game.

*Expand your knowledge. Watch a documentary.

*Learn a new language. There are many websites available to get you started. Interested in sign language? You can begin with YouTube videos and start learning basic signs.

*Learn to identify birds, trees, types of dogs, models of cars. Pick an area of interest and get started!


*Try a podcast!

This site gives appropriate age divided podcasts for students of all ages.

*Audiobooks are available from most libraries. These are great when you are riding in the car or just walking around.

*Try listening to different genres of music (country, Raggae, classical, country, electronic, jazz, Latin, folk, etc)


*Ride a bike.

*Take a walk.

*Enjoy a sport.

*Try a free workout video on YouTube.

Make a difference

*Volunteer at an animal shelter.

*Work on community clean-up.

*Spend some time with someone who is elderly. How could you help them?

Think Nature

*Plant something! Beans, radishes, and sunflowers are easy to grow and you will see results quickly.

*Take a blanket outdoors and gaze at the night sky. The SkyView Lite App is free. Just point to the sky and constellations and stars will be identified.

*Climb a tree.


*Invent a Rube Goldberg. An internet search or YouTube search can help you with ideas.

This site may prove helpful.

Come up with a new way to play a game.


*Create a puppet show.

*Write a script and film your play.

*Grab some friends/family members and play Charades.