Teacher Made an Exceptional Resource to Deliver Online Activities

Easy Sign Up and Get Started

The launch of Teacher Made was in September of 2020–and although fairly new to the game, this is certainly worth taking a good look. The APP is pretty amazing and is advertised as “forever free.” A pro version is coming in early 2021–but the free version is pretty robust!

Using the website requires an account. It is easy to set up requiring only an email and password. You will have to validate your email and you are ready to go! If you plan to use this with Google Classroom, it is advisable to sign in with google. And YES, TeacherMade can be integrated with Google Classroom. A good video to get you started can be found here. It is a step by step tutorial which will get you going in 5 minutes.

  • Click create worksheet. Give your document a title, description and background. The background can be the file you want to use Teacher Made tools to enhance (a worksheet, graphic organizer, etc and can be PDF, Word File, JPEG, PNG,).
  • After you have selected the worksheets you want to enhance, click on the blue create worksheet button. This will move you to the edit screen.
  • Using the toolbar, click and add text boxes and other features for your students to interact with the document. You can add boxes for students to type text, drop downs, matching, true false, underline or circle, hot spots (click on certain area) and multiple choice components. For each you indicate the correct answer and point value.
  • When you have completed your resource, click My Worksheets at the top. From here you can edit, preview, copy, delete or assign the worksheet. The auto-grading feature is an amazing help to the overworked teacher, especially in the crazy environment of today.
  • After the work has been completed by the student, you may see their graded assignment by clicking on the score. Correct answers appear with a green box while incorrect answers have a red box.

Try out Teacher-Made to convert your assignments to digital and decrease the amount of time you spend grading. The price is right (free) and you will quickly be able to revise resource for your students to use both in-person and virtually.