Veteran’s Day for Older Students

Veterans Day (originally “Armistice Day” started in 1919 but didn’t become a national holiday until 1938. It is a day to honor all those who have served their country. Here are ideas to celebrate Veteran’s Day with older students.


Encourage your students to help a charity or organization which supports active military families or veterans.


Another way to volunteer would be to write notes of appreciation to veterans such as those in a military hospital. Numerous organizations send letters to soldiers. A Million Thanks and Brave are two organizations that offer this service. There are others as well. Be sure to talk to your students about how /what they should write. The Brave website includes an online way for students to complete their letters.


Challenge students to interview a veteran. A list of questions to ask a veteran can be found here.

Field Trips Community or Virtual

Your community may have memorials and museums that would be beneficial for your students. If this is not possible, there are virtual field trips your students may enjoy.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Google Arts and Culture Veterans and War Memorials

WWI Museum and Memorial, Kansas City, Mo


This resource contains background on the founding of the holiday, timelines of various wars, information about the Tomb of the Unknown Solder, War poems, statistics, weapon information, flag etiquette, war crimes, and much more.

Additional Resources from Reading Specialty

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