Wheel of Names

Just tap on the wheel and watch it spin. Randomly select a student to answer a question, select student groups, vocabulary word review, any pre-loaded decision or activity. No volunteers to present their project? Spin the wheel and select a “lucky” winner. The possibilities are endless. Need to make a decision at home? What’s for dinner? What movie should we see? Which teams will be in my bracket? Trivia questions? Wheel of Names can help you out.

My favorite way to use this resource was to keep my student’s names on the wheel. You can save and have them available at a click of the button. Using the import function, you can link with google spreadsheet. Any edits from the spreadsheet will be automatically updated on the wheel. You can insert up to 48 names which show on the wheel, enough for almost all classrooms–but if you have a larger group, you can enter more names and 48 names will appear on the wheel (and remain during a spin) however all names in the name box would have a chance to be on the wheel. You can use images or symbols instead of words on the wheel also!

The resource will work off line, however, you must be online to open it. There is not an APP for this resource, but it will run from a tablet or mobile phone.

You can remove students from the wheel by clicking the remove winner button. This is great for classroom activities where you want each person selected. (For example, who will be presenting next). If you click open again, all the names will reappear. Want to keep everyone on their toes? Use two spinners. Sometimes click on the one without names removed and sometimes click on the ones with names removed. That way eventually everyone will have their name called yet those who have already answered can’t coast!

There is a handy SHARE button. You can share with email or social media. (This is a great feature to share with other teachers who have your students such as an art or music teacher). If someone sends you a wheel, you can save it either by bookmarking it in your browser or naming the file and using the save button.

Within the website you can find instructions for HTML if you wish to embed the wheel to a website.

Check out Wheel of Names and start creating!!